Entry #1

Know this?

2017-04-15 08:31:38 by Colorflower

Do you know my artwork,Robot boy?It was inspired by meganeko's robot language.At first,I didn't like the song because there are some werido lyrics. I wantted to forget about the song,but it didn't get out of my mind. So I draw the artwork(Robot boy).If my test ends at 4.29,I want to open an art forum named music inspired art contest next time.{Like RealFaction!}


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2017-04-15 09:23:47

Awesome QuQ

Colorflower responds:

Yeah Bro.


2017-04-15 10:59:42

Actually @RealFaction did once organise a Music-Inspired Art contest some years back. Ask him about it; I'm pretty sure he'll be happy to regale you with the details. And if you'd like, once you get a bit more recognition around here, you might even be able to organise it!

Colorflower responds:

Thanks for your response to me!


2017-04-16 13:07:17

Art looks good, but Robot looks like a girl (not like boy)
Music-Inspired art? So, will you make "Music-inspired" arts from us (your fans)?

Colorflower responds:

Croude,that is a perfect idea!


2017-04-16 23:36:05

Happy easter dude

Colorflower responds:

You too!